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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 10, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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(ccarles) "she grrbbed the front of his mooth like this..." this...."an infant.. allegedlyy abused at daycare.. and it's all caught on camera.whhre it happened.. and why the worker . they own most of our debb...but we're still sending china millions in aid. why we are still giving them taxpayer money . 3 and.. is it a boy or a girl? gender of your baby.. even earlier. 3- 3 today is wednesday, august
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liberty map 3 3 first on fox...a daycare worker accused of assaulttng a ooe year old boy... and it's all caught on camera.tte co-worker who told the mother about the incident, has ow been fired.joel d. smith is live in northeast baltimore where it happened. good morning joel d, do pooice know about the video? video?
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aa14-year-old will be tried as a juvenile for allegedly &pattaccing his grandmother... with a hammer. confessed to beating his 66-year-old grandmother at their waverly happened in march when the high school freshman... bbcame angry getting ready for school he as originally charged as an adult with attempted murder. the search continues this morning... for aafrederick woman... who went missing duringga trip to aruba.and police say... she was staying at the same resort town as natalee holloway... when she disappeared six years happened last week.35-year old robyn gardner was vacationing
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with 50 year old traveling companion gary gior-dano... also from frederick.giordano claamssthe two went snorkeling... and that gardner never made it back to shhre. but gaadner's boyfriend... who didn't go on the trip... isn't puying giordano's story. "she's been missing for six days, so for everyday that goes by it gets a lot worse, um thinking rgar she won't be b" back" police say giordano's story has changed several times. new details this morning surrounding the cheating scandaa at the cit's fire training academy.3 fire academy supervisors and 2 inntructors arr now facing charges.chief james clack says an investigation found that the cadets who were given questions prior to the exam ddd ánotá cheat, howeeer instructors did provide confidential test materials to trainees in dvance. 08:16:07"no recruit, no student in any of these
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classes engaged in any ype of cheating. they were given materials they shouldn't have been given by the instructional staff"08:16:18 08:16:44"it could have been ttat the eeam that was left out was used and might not have been used."08:16:44 clack admits that one cadet ápassedá the exam á butá wasn't present when the test was given. marrland's triple-a rating will ánotá be dowwgraded... at least noo right now.however, be re-evaluating our staae's comptroller peter franchot pays he remains optimistic. (franchot) "the statement by s & p is encouraging i guess that we're not being downgraded as e speak but i what's going to happen down the road." road."maryland's econooy is government and federal jobs. 3big names... with a big job ahead.the first members of the bipartisan deficit reductionn committee... created by the debt ceiling compromise... have bben announced. as greg
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black explainss.. that group will try and ffnd more than a trillion dollars in uts... to try and tame the ddficii. all... while tryiig to deal with their own different viewpoints. 3 flick away rampant deficit spending.... tuesdaa evening...democrats max baucus -- john kerry -- &pselected as the democratic senators who will serve on the so-caaled deficit reduction "super committee."when all the members are named...six republicans and six democrats will tty and work out one point five trillion in deficit reduction by late november and get t to both the house and get deficit spendinggto decelerate...the federal ressrve wants to get thh engine of the economy to roar....the fed has announced it will keep interest rates at near zero t least through mid-2013.good news for borrowers but economists pointt out that...the fed ddesn't holster. it can't lower n the interest rates veryymuch, they can buy more assets but it's
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not clear that would make much oversaw theedistribution of funds to troubled banks during the financial crisis. your ownthat's why the markets - aae reacting the way that they arestandard anddpoor's cited aa lack of fiscal policy cohesion in theii decision to downgrade u-s debt frommit's triple a rating.i'm greg black reporting from atlanta. we will have to stay tuned to fiid out ho the nine additional members of the deficit commiitee will be. those announcements will come from senate minority leader mitcc mcconnell... house minority leader nancc pelosi... and house speaker john boehner... who will namm the republican co-chairperssn. after losing america's triple-a rating... and coming to the brink of defaalt... congress.a new polls shows... 70 percent of voters believe most members of congress taxpayerr are also furious ttat the u-s is donating millions of dollars to china
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right now.and while china has assumed more than aatrillion dollars of our national debt... we're still funddng some of their development. development.america is giving china over 300 million dollars a year ffr research and development.theenational institute of health gaae china 30 million dollars tt stuuy things like why the chinese smoke tobacco.275 million went to improving china's internet access... urban trannit and 3 "here we are sending money to a nation that we aae time when america is broke." bboke."most of yyur tax dollars go directly to state owwed coporations. a group of baltimore mothers will hit the streets today for a stroller brigade... to bring attention toodangerous baby morning, hey''e walking from thame street park to uus senator barbara mikklski's office to call for more protection from toxic chemicals found in a variety of products.
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a freak accident leaves a man pinned on a fence... and he lives to tell about ii!33- year old julian mattes was seriously hurt when he fell áfiveá stories from an apartment window and landed on &pa wrought iron fence!it pierced hhm through the neck! firefighttrs had to cut the iron to get him free.right now, police are tryyng to piece toggther wat led up to the incident.neighbors re understandably stunned. "he grabbed the window and jjmped out like this, kinda like free fall backwards, it's what it looked like.""it's five stories, so, yeah, i'm glad he's all right, though." "i'm shocked and i don't even want to believe it, but apparently it's true." report, mattes' apartment was filled with beer bottles... and while it was dirty... there were no signs of a struggle. coming up on the earlyy edition... the bodies of the brave military men ... killed hhme soil.and now the search begins for thier replacements.
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replacements.well it's going to be a challenge noodoubt ddubthow this loss is pooing a major toll on the military. military. ((break 1))
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yearsbut first... the search is on to try and replace those elite navy seals who died over the weekend in a helicopter &pcrash. the tough training these men go through and what they need to survive... next. 8ñcñ8ñ8÷
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yesterday was a somber day at dover air force base in delaware. the bodies of 30 american troops were brought back home ... after becommmng victims of a helicopper shoot-down in afghanistan over the weekend. it was the greatest loss of american lives in one incident siice the staat of the afghan war. and as brian todd reports, the loss is taking a major toll on the u-s military. 33 --reporter kg-as follows --a devastating loss for families, friends- and teammates.the 22 sealsskilled in fghanistan were part of a unit that's elite-- even among the seals themselves. it's officially known as the naval special warfare deeelopment various times, it's been called 'seal team 6'.how tough is it going to be to fill the void left by those 22 guys on seal team 6well it's going to be a challenge no seal from the point you volunteer till you're in
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combat the first time is about three-and-a-half yearsand, ssas ryan zinne, at least another two-years of training and deeloyments to be on seal team a member of that team, zinke tracked down war criminnls in the balkans in the 1990's.zinke and other former seals say seal ttam 6 members are taken from the seal-teams and that half the men who try out for thh team, wash out. these are commandos who routtnely o on very precise cappure or kill missionn for high valuee how do they think on the battlefield that's different from other seals? what do they do that's different?well a large part of it you have to iddntify a threat and oftentimes at a moment's nooice. n an instant, you have o determineewhether or pnt that individual is a threat or whether he's not and if he is you have to engage. these individuals can shoot exactly what they aim at. they make that judgment in an instant. and they're lethal at what they do.accorrinn to
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former seals, there are about 200 members of seal team 6. that means the helicopter crash in afghanistan took aw aboutt10-perrent of the unit.i lieutenant colonel anthony , shhffer about how the team in afghanistan could be shored up.are they going to have to shuttle in guys from other seal nits?there's one of two ways they'll do the replenishment. first off, they may have to degrrde the mmssion in iraq, to bring peopleeout of existing missions there and bring them with that, of course, is things in iraq have not been as stable as you'd like ttem to be, therefore you're ddgrading that miision. the more likely scenario is that they'll move one of he ssandby niis which are trrining up to go in, to move them up ahead of scheduuee --end--cnn.script ssraiiht ahead... are you staying on faccbook a little longer at work?the effect álessá productivity has markee.and the stock market showing signs of imprrvement. why the feds are keeping their record low interest rates. ((bbeak 3))
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totino's pizza rolls. the dow has its best day in two years... old and dennis kneall explains.. - causes labor costs to climb... climb... armageddon taking the day off on wall the federal reserve making a wary statement on our ecooomy. the fed saying it will keep iiterest rates at record lows for the next two years...becaase the economy is selling off on the ght.stocks - announcement...beforr staging a major rally. the dow closing up almost four percent...its best day since march 2000.and evvn with stocks continuing its record run.the preccous metal closing at one-thousann seven hhndred forty dollars an ounce... another all-time high. slipping three-tenths of a
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perceet last quarter.that drop pushing labor costs higher. and according to real estate pebsite zillow... home values second quarter...but by he smallest amounn in more than four years.that's business. p'm dennis kneale. coming up... find out why this magazine cover of presidential hopeful miccelle bachmann is under fire. fire. 3 [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars
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jjstice. a murrered poliie officers family pushes for 45 news at 5:333 3 3


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